1976 Seals Electronics 8KB Memory Board

State of the art in 1976 .

This 8 kilobyte S100 memory board from Seals Electronics featured the latest static 250 nsec 1Kbit memory chips.  Most of boards at the time used dynamic memory which “stole” cycles from the CPU and were generally considered slower and somewhat less reliable.

Sixty-four memory chips provided 8KB of storage.  Imagine what you could program with that!  By comparison, the Raspberry Pi model B has 65,536 times more memory, and the model A has 32,768 times more!

  • 512MB = 8KB x 65536
  • 256MB = 8KB x 32768


  • All lines fully buffered;
  • 8192 words of Static Memory;
  • Access Time: 500 nsec. (250 nsec on request);
  • Memory Chip:91L02 APC or 2102AL-4;
  • Battery Standby;
  • Address selected on 8KB boundary by SPDT DIP switch;
  • Low power.

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